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3D Body & Head Scanning

Flug Films operates a 3D Body and Head scanning studio and location service based in the heart of Manhattan - providing high res imaging for VFX and CGI for films, and commercials. 

Wendell 3d Rig Model before and after

Lidar Scanning

We supply technicians with EQ to scan interiors or exterior locations 

Photogrammetry 3d Rig Flug Films


Cinematic Multicam 


Flug Films can setup and operate camera arrays worldwide.  

We can trigger multiple (up to hundreds) still and video cameras in order to produce various special effect sequences. These effects include: camera movement around a frozen moment, camera movement around slow motion action (as seen in the film The Matrix), video capture into a frozen moment with a 360 pan, and the list goes on.

Flüg 360 Camera Array
Flüg 360 Camera Array
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Star Trek
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Camera Array
Camera Array Stereographic rig


Background Flug Films 3d Array photogrammetry


High End Brand Activations

Flug Films has traveled extensively, providing incredibly fast production of videos, photos, and gif-based deliverables. We service some of the biggest brands, including the NFL, HBO, Toyota, Nike, National Geographic, etc. We take all of our knowledge from the film and television industry, and apply it to creating amazing branded content.  We roll cameras on participants going through branded experiences, and then have the technology to email their video to them minutes later.